[HaeKyuWon] When You Fall For Me… Ch.5

Author’s POV

Donghae sigh heavely as placed himself in his bed. He was incredibely tired because Kyuhyun today, But the one thing that  makes Donghae happy is…

Because Kyuhyun very happy.

Donghae really remember when Kyuhyun smiled, running, talking, his face were so happy. Donghae smiled, Kyuhyun is very precious. Too precious making Donghae want to own Kyuhyun only for himself, Donghae don’t care if in the end he maybe will hurt Kyuhyun. To made Kyuhyun to be in his side, Donghae willing to do anything.

“Hae hyung…”

Donghae turn his head and finding Kyuhyun adorablely standing infront him while hugging big teddy bear. Donghae smiled, “Whats wrong, Kyunnie?” he asked. Kyuhyun pouted cutely,

“Can’t sleep…” he mutter

Donghae smirked, “Can’t sleep? You want to sleep here with me?” he teasing. Kyuhyun glared at Donghae, He walking approaching Donghae and placed himself beside Donghae in Donghae’s bed.

“Let me sleep here…” he said smiled cutely. Donghae can’t help but smile too.

“Good night”

When You Fall For Me…

Next Day :: In the Morning…

“Hae hyung! Hae hyung!” Kyuhyun shouted as he shaking Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae sighed heavely,

“Whats wrong, Kyu?” he asked with sleepy eyes. Slowly, he sitting in the bed. Kyuhyun stop shaking and staring at Donghae.

“Foods. Madee foods!!! Hurry!!”

Donghae roll his eyes, “Okay, okay, Be patient!” he said then walking to the Kitchen. Kyuhyun smiled.

“Gomawo, Hyungie”

Kyuhyun’s POV

Donghae hyung always be there for me. If I hurt, He would always taking care me. Even If I shouted or trying to annoyed him, He would always smiled and gentlely stroking my hair. He’s my hero. He would always obedient to me when I asked him something, He would always protect me, He would always helping me.He’s my everything.

Yesterday, He taking me to the Game Center. He know that I love gaming and He accept it and always buying me many games. I remember, The first time I go to game center..

I walking and walking, I don’t know where I should go. I had no place to go, My Mother died, She leaving me alone in this cruel world. I doesn’t know what to do anymore, I can’t do anything. I’m hopeless.
Suddenly, I hear someone shouted roughly. I raise my head and finding handsome boy cursed when he lose gaming. Nice. It must be nice gaming, I never gaming again when My Mother died. If I recall, She never muttering my Father. She always changing the topic when I ask her about Father.
“Hey” I tilt my head as the handsome boy approaching me. I keep standing, like a statue who only staring at him.
“Whats your name?” he asked. I looked down, “Cho Kyuhyun”
He smiled, “Where are your parents?” he asked again. I bit my lower lips, He only stare then chuckle, I raise my head, staring at him questionly.
“No need to sad okay? You can tell me later if you want” he smiled “You keep staring at me when I playing games.. Do you want to play too?” he asked. Without a second, I smiled and nodded excitedly.


I smiled. He was very kind, Who would do that to a stranger? I never meet someone kind as Donghae hyung. I was happy knowing he really accepting me as his younger brother. Even if I’m Cho and He’s Lee, We still a brother.

“Kyuhyun! The meal is ready!”

I hear Donghae hyung shouted, I smiled,”Yes! Wait for me!” I said then walking out from Donghae hyung’s room. I wish our relantionship will never broken…


To be continued

[Kyu as Uke] Rare Blood Ch.2

Chapter 2 [Author’s POV]

Sungmin smiled knowing that his bestfriend come, Kim Kibum. With the speed of thunder, Sungmin suddenly appear infront his bestfriend’s face. Kibum only chuckle, Sungmin smiled and let Kibum come inside.

“It’s rare knowing that you come here. Yet you’re very busy,”

Kibum smiled, “I just need a break. So, I come here” he simply answer. Sungmin smiled again, “Well, Its right decision to come here” With that, Kibum and Sungmin laughed together.

They keep talking until they both arrive in the Dinning Room. Sungmin ordering his maids to bringing foods, drinks, and bloods of course. They’re vampire after all.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Min” Kibum talked. Sungmin only raise his head, staring questionly at Kibum.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re free now. I still have long to go until My Father let me go, I have to make him trust me. Its hard, you know? Knowing that My Father very dilligent, genious, and very talented vampire. Somewhat, I’m not very happy have Father like him.” Sungmin laughed hearing his bestfriend’s words,

“Well, You’re kind of true, Bum.” he stated “My Father and My Mother went go to Paris, New York, China, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina. They was very lovey dovey and Its really make us annoyed. Imagining it! We’re eating together, And our parents kissing, or do something like that. Infront me and my younger brothers!”

“My Parents never do that, They always do it secretly and Made new child” Kibum smiled. Kibum drink the bloods, Kibum can tell correctly. It’s not bad, But It’s standart. Very standart. Kibum can tell its from average humans. Suddenly, Kibum widen his eyes. Watching his friend shocked, Sungmin stared questionly and slight worried at his bestfriend.

“Whats wrong?”

Kibum stared at Sungmin, “The one… ” he muttered. Sungmin frowned, “The one what?” he asked

“The one… The one who open the door for me. That human, Where’s him?” Kibum asked forcedly. Sungmin only stared at Kibum with flat face.

“Whats wrong with him?”

“I wanted to see him.”

“What for?”

“I wanted to see him.”

Sungmin stared annoyedly at Kibum, “What do you want to do to him?” he asked.

“I just want to see him, Sungmin!” Kibum shouted. Sungmin keep his flat face, Even Kibum called him Sungmin. Kyuhyun must be very precious. And, of course Sungmin will never let people touch him.

“I will never let you see him. He’s mine, and I never let people touch nor talk to him. Do you understand, Kibum sshi?” Sungmin talked. Kibum only bit his lower lip. He really wanted to see the person, That beautiful person, and Kibum swear.. Something wrong with that person. Its like… There’s some powers behind the pretty human boy.

“Now please go out from my house, Or I’ll kick you outta of here.”

Kibum stand up harshly, “I can do it by myself, Sungmin sshi.” He said then Immendiately dissapear from Sungmin’s House. Sungmin grab the glass beside him and throw it to the wall. He clench his wrist,


To be Continued…

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132.. Part 1

:: Author’s POV

Kyuhyun sighed as the classes ended so quickly. He wishes the classes could added hours more longer. Kyuhyun immendiately save all his books in his shappire blue bag. Suddenly, Someone grab Kyuhyun’s shoulder making Kyuhyun slighty startled.

“Kyunnie~ You still remember me, right?” The handsome boy earlier asked playfully. Kyuhyun only stared at him and Slowly nodded.

“Your name is Lee- WHAT, Right?” The handsome boy sighed hearing Kyuhyun’s dumb answer.

“No, Kyunnie. My name is Lee Donghae, Nice to meet you, Precious baby~” Donghae smiled and hugged Kyuhyun from back. Kyuhyun sighed heavely, He didn’t know why this handsome boy always talked with him.

“Nice to meet you too, Donghae sshi.”

Kyuhyun answered then started hugged his own bag. Donghae frozen hearing Kyuhyun’s answer, Kyuhyun who notice Donghae’s strange act only turned and stared questionly at Donghae.

“Whats wrong, Donghae sshi?”

Donghae startled and Immendiately smiled handsomely. He raise his head and facing Kyuhyun, The one that he misses for these years. “Nothing, Lets go, Kyunnie~ I want to show you something!!” Donghae said then smiled. Kyuhyun can’t help but smiled and nodding too. He hummed then Donghae immendiately grab Kyuhyun’s left wrist, Making Kyuhyun’s right hand holding his bag then both of them runned.

‘M’ only sighed watching the two boy runned and leaving him alone. Suddenly someone sitting in his table and smirked,

“Isn’t that Cho Kyuhyun, The new boy here?” The boy asked. ‘M’ sighed heavely he immendiately stared angryly at the letter.

“What do you want? Leave me alone,,”

Hearing the ‘M”s answer making the letter laughed. He stared mockedly at ‘M’, “You’re too kind, boy~ You let your precious love run away with his first love” He said as his face becoming near to the ‘M”s. ‘M’ only turn his head away.

“I love him and I will always happy watching him happy. I already reject your cute love letter, Ri. Stop it, You annoys me slowly..” ‘M’ answered and grab his bag and then stand up. ‘M’ walked away and leaving the boy named ‘Ri’ earlier.

“When will you ever understand me?!” The letter asked and kicked the chair infront him harshly, His face reddened because he was very mad by ‘M”s act. He bit his lips.



Happy Ending (?) : I’m okay… I’m okay…

:: Next Day, Kyuhyun’s POV



“Um… Do you want to go on a date tomorrow?”

“Sorry, I can’t”


“I have many things to do, Kyu. I’m sorry” He apologized.

“What kind of things that would make you busy?”

He just stood silent.

“Tell me! You always say you’re busy. Don’t you remember? We never go on dates anymore! You’re always busy, you don’t spend time with me! What the hell are you doing?” When I utter the last word, I suddenly feel my cheek hurts… He slapped me.

“This is not your business! And what’s wrong with me being busy?” he angrily retorted at me.

“I just want to spend time with you, I love you! Do you actually love me? I always do anything and everything for you!” I shouted at him. My hand clamped on my aching cheek, while tears are starting to well in my eyes,

“I love you Kyu. I’m sorry, I have some business to do. Bye” He then leaves me again.

Siwonnie… I just want you to be honest with me… Do you really love me? Why did you slap me then? Why do you never have time for me? Do you only want my money? Who’s that Taemin boy? What kind of relationship you have with him? Tell me… Answer me… Someone…. please… I’m confused with this fucking love!

Tears start running down my face with every question that pops into my head…


Happy Ending (?) : I will do anything for you

Kyuhyun’s POV

“Siwon hyung?”


“Where were you last night?”

“Drinking with Taemin. Why?”

“Nothing. I was just curious”

“Oh,Okay. Anyway, I gotta go”


“Anywhere. Kyu, Can you give me money as usual?”

“Yup, here” I said as I handed him the money.

“Thanks” Then he leaves.

Siwon and I, have been dating for a week. I’m really happy, but.. I feel like he’s hiding something from me and I’m just curious to what it is. Besides, that boy named Taemin, what’s his relationship with Siwon hyung? I need to know…


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